Many speculate what is the image of God in man the common idea is that mankind is made up of body soul and spirit, this is false, the true image of God in mankind is mind emotions and will each individual part of the personality or soul, spirit, yet one complete inseparable whole. The mind is the planner the thinker the organiser which is the image of God the Father the mind of the Godhead He who planned all things from the beginning for without a plan as in building a house nothing can be built, the theory everything happened from the big bang by chance or at random is total ridiculous the emotions is the Son He who Love us so much that He came to this planet to suffer the wrath of God which was our due and die for us and rise again showing God accepted His sacrifice as debt paid in full and the will is the Holy Spirit or Roash hakodesh who works out Gods will and plan from beginning to end in creation, yet they are all the one undivided inseparable true and only God who can never be divided. So is it with mankind each attribute is individual mind, emotions and will but they all go to make up one indivisible person. So mankind is body and spirit only or body and person(personality) one undivided whole yet three in one.

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