Many have searched for the garden of eden but have yet to find it and it has been there all the time in front of them it has four rivers that run through it but their idea of a garden has been rather limited in size, it is the whole of the middle East from the nothern boarder of turkey through to the river nile and beyound. How can I say this it is because of the bibles book of Genesis where it says God planted a garden eastward in eden. Where is Eden it was assumed to be just the Middle East, but that again is a limited view for we call this planet Earth but what is His name for it for God called the ground soil Earth not the planet. Gods name for this planet is Eden which was a paradise before mankind fell and after became a barren wast for a great percentage of it. But where does the garden end North Africa. Why do you think there has been so much conflict over it and so many have and have sought to posses it. But as for the tree of Life that has been hidden from many since mankind fell. There is but one gate and there is a guardian even the angel with the flaming sword guarding the way and so shall it be till the end of time and the beginning of Gods new creation.
Look at it this way the Universe is Gods field and this planet Eden(Earth) is but a seed in it before it can grow into the greatest of trees what has to happen it has to die and then put down roots and grow spreading its branches throughout the Universe wherein all the birds of the air can find shelter.

We know the prophecy of the end times where God is going to wipe this earth clean and renew bothe heavens and Eden(earth) and the new jerusalen and all the children of God are to come too this earth from heaven and live here in this Eden renewed for ever, but here is the hope for all of mankind the lion shall lay down with the lamb and the child shall play on the asps nest and not be harmed and the child shall be in age older than the oldest of mankind. God did not creat this universe to remain empty yes mankind will again produce children immortal children who shall grow into adulthood and shall go forth and populate all the planets of the Universe and the childeren of God shall be trillion times greater than all the sands of the seas.

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