Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus say I unto thee as concerning the present disasters being attributed to global warming or to other acts of Nature instead of attributing it to My Judgment descending upon the whole of mankind for the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments which I commanded all of mankind to obey which if mankind did not the full fury of My wrath and anger would descend upon all the disobedient and rebellious and upon all those who refused to believe in Me and refused to obey all My Holy Law and Commandments and in The Messiah. Why hath mankind so done as mankind has in attributing all the disaster that have thus descended upon the Whole World and all of mankind to Nature or to global warming and to the El Niño weather effect? Because for mankind to admit that I existed and to believe in Me and in the Messiah mankind would have to admit that mankind was guilty as charged in the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments that mankind was also guilty of crimes against all of My creatures of criminal acts of war against innocent men women and children of the destruction of the Natural environment through pollution. The destruction also of forests and of the natural habitat of wildlife pollution of the rivers lakes and seas the destruction of fields by the unnecessary expansion of thy cities towns and villages and also the unnecessary expansion of thy highways railways and airports the increase of air traffic that pollutes the atmosphere along with all the other transport systems which in effect are the cause of inner city pollution to such an extent that the air therein becomes almost unbreathable. Because air traffic flies at such a height thou doth believe that the pollution caused will dissipate and not affect the air quality a ground level air pollution does not ascend it descends to where ever it is distributed and that along with ground traffic causes a build up where mass traffic exists. Thus say I if I allowed this to continue within a few decades not centuries the air quality would be so low as to cause major respiratory diseases to flourish and the life expectancy would diminish equal to the increase in air pollution thou dost think thy health system is over burdened it is nothing if the situation is allowed to continue as that which is to come. Yea indeed thou hast caused the population to cease smoking and have decreased air pollution by the diminished usage of fossil fuels but thou hast changed the visible air pollution with an invisible one which is far more dangerous to human health. Thou hast wondered why the fish of the seas are diminishing it is not because of over fishing it is because of the pollution of the seas by mankind’s disposal of chemical waste and other pollutants into the seas, the seas are limited in their capacity to deal with human chemical and other waste cast into it, before it becomes uninhabitable for all the creatures of the seas. Thus mankind if they acknowledge that it is I who has caused all of these disasters to befall mankind is punishment for all the crimes of mankind against each other against creation and in the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments and that the disasters are the result of My wrath and anger upon mankind for their criminal acts and unless mankind changes direction and repents of their crimes the punishment due will continue. Mankind must realise that every criminal act deserves punishment and the punishment of mankind is long overdue because I am a merciful God and would have all of mankind repent and change their ways and obey MY holy Law and Commandments and execute mankind’s responsibility of care for the whole of creation committed to mankind by Me in the beginning of which duty mankind has failed to fulfil of which mankind must now give an answer for that failure and bear the punishment due there is no excuse whatsoever as the necessary resources I did supply with the creation of the Earth of which mankind has used for mankind’s own benefit instead of creations. Mankind’s destruction of the environment over pollution of the air and seas will if allowed to continue will lead to mankind’s destruction all of creation is one complete integrated whole and ever part is reliant upon the other for continued existence as mankind and creation is reliant upon Me for continued existence for I saith the Lord God am the source of all life.
This is the Word of the Lord to thee
from the prophet of the Lord

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