Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I even the Lord God of the Hosts of the heaven of heavens creator of all that is was and ever shall be. There is but one solution and or answer to all of the World’s problems to war famine disease disasters storms floods earth quakes to poverty homelessness to all the conflicts of the World. But say I that answer if I gave it unto thee thou would reject instantly, but even so I shall put it before thee. If all the Nations believed in and followed after My revealed will and purpose as set down in My Word and obeyed all of My Holy Law and Commandments then peace and prosperity would follow for how then could there be conflict between one Nation and another when there is no reason to go to war, how could internal conflict arise when all believed in and followed after the same principles as are set down in My Word if all believed in helping their neighbours and all of those in need no matter where they were and who they were if all believed in feeding the starving healing the sick finding homes for the homeless seeing to the needs of the disabled and the elderly getting rid of the selfishness and greed and the principles that rule the lives of many on the Earth who subject those under them to cruelty poverty starvation slavery resulting in the unnecessary deaths of men women and children. But then thou would say because of those of mankind that are hard hearted cruel wicked and evil who seek only to feed their wicked desires lusts and greed and seek to subject all people and lands and Nations that they can to their cruel wicked and tyrannical rule. That they would never subject themselves to My Holy Law Word or Commandments nor believe in Me nor seek to be humble and use their position instead of being rulers tyrants and dictators seeing their office as a means of not only serving others but serving the greater good of humanity. But and if thou doth study My Holy Law and Commandments therein is set down the means if strictly held too, of dealing with those who seek to subject all of mankind they can to their own wicked will and purposes and to bring all who treat mankind thus to Justice therefore it is not only a willingness to believe in and obey thyselves My Holy Word Law and Commandments but a putting of them in to practice in bringing to Justice all those of humanity that break them and applying fully the punishments due that is required of those commandments they break. But as I said unto thee thou shalt reject that which I put before thee as the answer outright but I ask when is it mankind will have had enough of war and conflict famine plague earthquakes pestilence cruelty to men women and children, of murder debate deceit terrorism the rule of dictators tyrants, of the greed and selfishness and wickedness of those who slaughter animals to feed their own greed and selfish gain. Those that hoard the great wealth they have that they could never use in their life time without seeking to use some of it to help the starving the homeless the sick the lame the blind the destitute those in famine drought ridden countries. When is mankind going to end wasting billions on useless projects that in effect only benefit a small minority of intellectuals when the majority in other countries are starving? But there will come a time not far off when I shall rule all Nations with a rod of iron willingly or not My Holy Will and Law and Commandments with all the punishments due upon those who break them shall be applied unto perfection saith the true and only Messiah Immanuel
This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord.

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