Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

As concerning the countries ravaged by war famine drought I saith the Lord of Host say unto thee thou and the UN are not taking heed of all that I have put before thee in as far as doing all that thou can to alleviate the suffering of those people as I so said thou should do so. Thus say I thou doth need to do more than just sending out food and money, the need is for supplying practical aid and getting involved on the ground and meeting not only those immediate needs but also the medical needs in those countries thus suffering, to end the famine to stop the warring factions fighting and send a sufficient supply of water for the people’s needs especially the children and infants. Thus say I unto thee any that die when indeed thou doth have in abundance the resource to deal with these disasters that are unfolding and don’t, their blood will be on thy heads and I will require an answer of thee why thou did withhold the aid necessary to end their suffering. What would thou say unto Me if that which hath thus come upon them I was to send upon thee even drought famine plague and all that those people are suffering which I could do so. But and it is that if that situation does continue and people die in vast numbers it will result in such plagues and diseases that not only will affect just those countries but will spread far and wide and will in the end not on affect that continent which is suffering the greatest but shall spread to other continents creating disease pandemics that will not only cause the deaths of millions but hundreds of millions taking action now in confining the problem to those countries so affect at the moment could save many millions of lives in the future the World and the UN can no longer afford not to take serious action in dealing with the situations that now exist to avoid a much greater catastrophe.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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