Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Unto thee as concerning the attack upon thy government and the deaths that occurred especially that police officer who hath past from this life and for his actions has thus now received his just reward from Me saith the Holy One of Israel as shall all who have thus shown their acts of bravery, care and support of all that were injured and the continuing care that they are now providing to the injured My Blessing shall by the Holy Spirit descend upon them and all the comfort and presence of the Holy Spirit shall descend upon the police officers family and surround them around about to ease their grief at this time and they also shall know that he hath received the reward of all those that lay down their lives as did the Messiah lay down His Life for all of mankind so that those who believe shall enter into their eternal rest at last and that also one day his family will be reunited with him forever. As concerning the peace protection and prosperity and unity of this Nation is concerned it is and has in the past been a great defender of the peace and freedom from terror tyranny and the wicked acts of all of those who seek to destroy the values of a peace loving united free people and also this Nation throughout past generations has been a shining light to the rest of the World by the same spirit that prevailed during the blitz that no matter what the free people of this country would not and should never bow down to the acts of the terrorists the dictators or the tyrants of the world no matter who they are and in the case of terrorists should seek them out to destroy them utterly so that they are no longer a threat to a democratic peace loving law abiding free people that cherish the lives of all of mankind as they do their own and who abhor all acts of the wickedness of those who seek to deprive the people not only of this Nation of the right to live peace prosperity and freedom but also those of other Nations who now suffer at the hands of barbarous and cruel wicked dictators and tyrants and their regimes.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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