Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus say I unto thee in as far as the Judgement of all of humanity is concerned when all come before Me to be Judged and the punishment due or acquittal is given all are equally to be Judged and if found guilty punished of which also thy heart bears witness to that which I am to put before thee of the truth of that which all have to face in Judgment though thou seekest to suppress this witness or to block it out in the end before thou doth pass from this life it can no longer be ignored or blocked out for the last great witness at the end of every persons life must bear testimony of that which all have to face upon passing from the Earth. For I say unto thee and unto all of humanity there is nothing that is hidden or held in secret that shall not be revealed and brought out into the open and that means in Judgment all who are before My throne are openly Judged unto perfection in other words thou shalt be known before all as thou knowest thyself. Thus it is that no matter who or what excuse is presented before Me for any and all of thy thoughts words or deeds thou art alone responsible and no one can be held responsible for thy thought words or deeds whether good or evil whether acts of commission or omission to put it in thy terms what thou did do or neglected to do in obedience, refusing to obey or outright rebellion against My Holy Law and commandments. Even if thou doth think to blame the Adversary ye cannot he alone is Judged and condemned for his thoughts words and deeds and shall be punished unto perfection by Me and By Me Alone for he alone is responsible for his thoughts words and deeds, his act of tempting thee he will be condemned for but and if thou doth give into his temptations thou art responsible for the act of giving into that temptation when thou could have resisted and rejected what thou was tempted so to do thou art responsible for thine own weakness. Thus it is then all the sins or crimes in the breaking of My Holy Law and Commandments shall condemn those who so commit these sins or crimes to be cast into the bottomless pit thou doth call hell and it shall be forever without remission. Only those that are covered by the righteousness which is symbolised by His blood upon the doors and lintels of their hearts Him being the true and only eternal Passover Lamb sacrificed only for them so that all their crimes and sins may be washed away in the blood of the Messiah Immanuel shall be acquitted of all of their crimes and sins in thought word and deed yet it shall be so that they all will have to give and answer for all in their lives upon Earth though not condemned to the pit or hell as thou doth call it for their failing in acts of commission or omission thus say I there is a Judgment for the unrighteous and for the righteous the unrighteous shall be banished to the bottomless pit forever which thou doth call hell and the righteous shall attain unto the heaven of heavens though as thou wouldst say it even by the skin of their teeth. For as there are depths of condemnation and punishment so also are their heights of attainment in the heaven of heavens though all are equal in My sight but yet did I not say in My Word that those that desire to sit in the highest seat shall be given the lowest and the lowest shall be called to the highest in My Kingdom though all should seek to be perfect for I said be ye perfect as I am perfect saith the Lord God of Hosts.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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