Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I upon the protests of the remainers which came about in London the leaders and arrangers of that protest state that the British Public didn’t know or understand because of certain political parties campaigning especial one in particular what Brexit would actually entail which demeans the intelligence of the British public in that those remainers are saying that a portion of the British public, those who voted to leave didn’t fully understand what they were doing in voting to leave and were mislead by the campaigning of the various political parties that promoted leaving the EU. One particular party now in decline has claimed much of the credit for the result of the Brexit referendum vote. Their ex leader had been campaigning for years for Britain to leave the EU without success and upon the forming of his political party and its involvement in campaigning where under the illusion that it was they who persuaded the British public to vote to leave when in fact they had little or nothing to do with the outcome of the referendum vote, nor had any of the political parties. The only factor in the referendum vote was the EU’s reaction and counter proposal to the then British Prime ministers reform proposals put to the EU government of which if it had agreed to in the main the proposals made and would have made them legal and binding Britain would have not voted to leave the EU it was the stubborn arrogance of the EU government treating Britain with distain and disrespect in offering the counter proposals via the then British Prime Minister to be put forward to the British People which he did and it was then that the die was cast for the referendum vote to leave. It was then because of the attitude of the EU parliament and government that the British people made the decision to leave such a narrow minded intransigent and centralising organization that treated one of its members as a virtual second class Nation not worth listening to any sensible proposals for reform put to it. It was definitely not after the campaigning by various political parties. The British people knew exactly what they were doing those who voted to leave. They didn’t make that decision because of the campaigning because they had already made their minds up and also and this needs to be taken into account by the leaders of the protesters the British public has a deep ingrained distrust of politicians and political parties. But also if the vote as I have said afore hand had gone in the favour of the remainers they would have never reacted in the way and manner of the remainers on the contrary there would have been not one protest rally none of the crying over the spilt milk as the remainers have done only a quite acceptance of the votes outcome. But the remainers have to be aware that if the UK had voted to remain that the possibility of that which happened in the EU in as far as terrorist attacks were concerned could and possibly would have happened in the UK. Its only because the UK voted to leave and secure its borders contrary to EU freedom of the movement of goods and people and with the diligence of the intelligence services and the police will ensure that the future security of the UK against terrorist attacks will increase to such an extent that terrorist attacks will be far and few between.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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