Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus saith the Lord God of Host now that article fifty of the Lisbon treaty hath be trigger the course hath been set for the UK leaving the EU but the outcome for both sides to be a prosperous one benefiting both sides in as far as finance trade the security of UK and EU citizens and the security of the whole of Europe they must not be conducted in a manner that neither side is unwilling to compromise on the major issues to be negotiated, a hard-line course more for the EU that the UK with benefit neither and may end up doing on the irrevocable damage to the unity of the EU although the UK would suffer in that it could and would cause internal conflict and other problems in as far as finance, trade and the lack of access to the migrant jobs market yet these problems the UK could and will deal with successfully and could if it obeyed all of My Holy Law and commandments as set down in My Word and take heed also of all that is written therein become a rich and prosperous world trading Nation. But as far as the EU is concerned if the negotiating stance is a hard line one without any room to manoeuvre or compromise on the major issues in the up and coming negotiations and done in a way that doesn’t aim to be beneficial to both sides that it will find itself at odds with its member states for their fears in as far as the EU governments position is that if it does take a hard line resulting in the UK reciprocating in like manner then they will suffer in as far as the decline of trade with the UK and the restrictions on the their migrant workers being able to work in the UK not because of the restriction put in place by the UK by the EU government for has hath been voiced in times past that many of the EU Nations states desire to continue trading with the UK as they have done for many years and on which much of the their Nations GDP prosperity depends which could result in the EU facing such dissent and internal difficulties that if taken to extreme, of which no one wants to see happen, the dissolution of the EU is inevitable for has been seen in the past there are three major EU Nation states maybe one or two more that are keeping the EU from falling apart as it is. So a hard-line could seen the EU losing some of its member states and of course the UK as a fore said facing a similar though not irresolvable internal problem so a friendly harmonious compromising stance in these negotiation could set both sides aiding the Unity security and prosperity of each other. But one think of note here I shall put forth and that it’s the hard-line withdrawal from Britain by the Roman Empire was a sign of its demise is the UK withdrawing from the EU a sign of the EU’s demise if it follows in the footsteps of Rome and also the end of Roman rule and occupation triggered the rise of Britain to the state it is now and Union of Nations that has stood the test of time and helped to free Europe of three tyrants who were bent upon the conquest and the subjugation of the Europeans free democratic people’s it would be well for the EU to consider as a model of a Union of Nations the UK.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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