Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say unto thee at this time in as far as the negotiations to begin on the separation of the UK from the EU that if neither side are unwilling to compromise in the up and coming negotiations taking a hard-line position there might as well be no negotiations. For the point of negotiating the leaving the EU is to come to an agreement by both sides on the best way to accomplish Brexit without any conflict of interest. It’s just like when two armies that are going to war and upon facing each other on the Battle field being of equal strength and power and realising that in a resultant battle there will be many casualties without either side coming out the overall victor they will seek to sit down to negotiate a peace treaty so that they will not have to face each other on the battle field and how can they negotiate a peace treaty if both sides are not willing to compromises on the main issues that caused them having to go to war with each other in the first place. So this is the same way with the UK and EU unless both side are willing to make compromises on the main issues the negotiations will be a total waste of time and the UK might as well just walk away from the EU lock stock and barrel doing as thou wouldst put it an Henry VIII. But what must be said if this was the case and if either side or both sides took a hard-line in these negotiations neither side would benefit quite the opposite it would cause major disruptions and conflicts with member states in as far as the EU is concerned and in the UK with the devolved parliaments contrary to the position put forward by the EU government this is not like any other Nation seeking to be a new member of the single market or seeking to become a member of the EU like even Canada for instance which has gained a free trade agreement with the EU. The UK is leaving the EU yes but much of the policies and agreements with the EU that are already in place along with the Laws that the UK is seeking to integrate with domestic Law in effect much of the structure of the UK government will after the UK has finally left be a reflection of the EU’s government along with those compromises that the UK will have had to make in the negotiations on leaving the EU and likewise if it is to be a beneficial agreement for the EU make no mistake contrary to its main negotiators and other Leaders claims the compromises the EU will have had to also make in its negotiations with the UK. If either side follow a hard-line path then the Unity of the UK and the EU will collapse which will end the EU as a European Union of Nation states and it will also end the Union of the United Kingdom. Each Nation will be in both the EU and UK independent Nations and the Unity and harmony and the peace between the Nations of Europe will end in the collapse of a united western civilization in Europe.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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