Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel to Israel and unto all the Nations of the Earth Israel’s Judgment is about to begin and it is that I shall Judge them according to My Holy Law and commandment as it is set down in My Holy Word and shall not deviate there from in any way shape or form and that Judgment shall be unto perfection and the punishment due shall be that as require By My Holy Law and not by the Laws of mankind nor by the present Laws that Israel abides by even a somewhat heavily watered down version of Mine saith the Lord as hath been set forth by thy religious leaders for ye do follow after the doctrines and teaching of mankind as they interpret what the meaning of My Word is and not that which it doth in truth and spirit by Roach Hakodesh teach thee thus changing the glory of My Word into a lie, placing stumbling blocks in the way of My people so that they cannot return unto the Lord their God as is set down in My Word. Thus say I unto Israel that the Law and commandments by which ye shall be Judged is that which was delivered unto thee by Moses who when he first did come down from the mount found thee O Israel bowing down to the Idol of the heathens and did in anger cast down the tablets of the commandments I gave unto him to give to thee and thus did perish all in that day who thus did rebel and played the whore with the Idol of the Nation from whence thou did depart from slavery. Thus it is that the punishment thou shalt suffer is that which is demanded by My Holy Law and Commandments and by none other. But also say I unto the Nations as it is to begin even at Mine own House and of Mine own people even the Judging of the Nations it shall continue from the most powerful and richest to the least power full and also the poorest until all the Nations shall have been Judged the richest and most powerful for their corruption immorality and their selfishness towards the poor war torn poverty and famine and drought stricken Nations in that thou has given of thy great wealth but a pittance to placate thy consciences which hath been but like a drop in the ocean of thy great wealth, greed selfishness immorality and the lack of charity is that which condemns thee in My eyes but not this alone but even more so thy disobedience to all of My Holy Law and commandments though thou hast the excuse of ignorance which Israel hath not but it doth not excuse thee from Judgment for day unto day and night unto night doth reveal in Nature and in the heavens My glory and the glory of My handy work from the minutest of the creatures of the Earth to the mightiest creatures of the deep day by day utters and reveals My glory which is also displayed in the structure of every creature how gloriously I have created them and the chief of all mankind, how wonderfully created is mankind in all of creation whom I set over the whole of the creatures of the Earth and all living things this to nurture and to protect and to tend and care for before mankind fell who from thence onward traveled the path of disobedience wickedness immorality and cruelty not only to My creation but unto themselves also travelling onwards towards the day Mankind is now at.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord.

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