Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

This do I say unto thee this day that there is but one Name only whereby mankind can be saved from the wrath to come there is none other and that Name hath been set down in My Word both in what thou doth call the Old and the New testaments it is the true and only Name of the Messiah and no other Name that the true and only saviour is so to be called and is acceptable unto Me saith the Holy One of Israel. The Spirit and My written Word in context both new and old do agree and concur that this Name was set down in the writings of the prophets of old and in the fulfilment of the coming of the Messiah of which His Mother at birth so Named Him even Immanuel which means God dwelling amongst mankind. Thus say I unto thee that if anyone doth seek salvation and to enter into the Heaven of Heavens before My throne to dwell forever they must be washed in the blood of the true and only eternal Passover Lamb and must believe in and accept Him as their saviour of which He did say when on earth none of mankind can come unto the Father except through Me and that also is written that no one can be saved from Judgment and the wrath to come except by the Name of the only true Messiah and saviour for it is He who alone did die on the Roman Cross taking on Himself all the sins and crimes of those of mankind who had in the past believed in the coming Messiah and where raised up after His resurrection and seen of many in Jerusalem and those at the time He dwelt on Earth of whom He taught the way to everlasting Life and all of those of mankind who would come to believe in Him of mankind He did go down in to the grave and into the bottomless pit on their behalf of whose sacrifice was accepted by Me saith the Holy One of Israel and because of that acceptance and because He was without sin and infinitely perfect was raise up from amongst the dead so that all those who came to believe in Him would be resurrected in this life from amongst the dead of this evil and perverse generation and then as He ascended into the Heaven of Heavens they too through His ascension would at the end of their earthly Life ascend into the heaven of heavens there to dwell before My Throne forever and I will set forth the Only true Name once again of the Messiah to assure all that there is but one Name only by which mankind can be saved from the wrath to come and that Name is IMMANUEL

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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