Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee that the EU or the European Union is following the same path as it did with Britain when it left Europe in Henry the VIII reign. When Henry VIII was determined after a refusal from the Pope to allow him to get rid of his then wife and marry another he divorced Britain from the Catholic Church and set up the English Church in Britain and himself as head though in effect there was no difference between the teachings of the Catholic Church and the then English Church. First the European Nations and Rome sought to persuade Henry the VIII not to separate Britain from the Catholic church and set himself as the head of the English Church which he refused to do, so Rome then excommunicated Britain from the Church of Rome and as the Whole of Europe was then Catholic Britain also was cast out of Europe which caused Henry the VIII to destroy many monasteries and Catholic churches in retaliation. When Henry died Queen Mary then brought Britain back into the Catholic Church and would have eventually rejoined Europe, but to make sure Britain was to rejoin Europe and remain a Catholic country persuaded Mary to marry a Catholic Royal thus if an heir was produced would have meant that Britain would have remained being a Catholic country and part of Europe but when Queen Mary died without an heir Elizabeth ascended to the throne and the Church of Rome and the main European Nations all being Catholic sought to persuade Elizabeth the first to marry a European Royal of which she resisted to do so because of her involvement with one of her Nobles and also because mainly she sought to follow in her father’s footsteps and keep Britain out of Europe and the Church of Rome and yet remain friendly with the European Nations. Finally when Europe realised that they were going to get nowhere with Elizabeth and also because of her secret alliance with privateers or Buccaneers which were attacking Spanish treasure ships coming from South America full of the Aztec Gold robbed from the South American tribes whom they massacred. The Spanish King sought permission from the Pope to mount an Armada to forcefully return as King Philip of Spain then put it, Britain by conquest back into the Catholic faith and the Church of Rome and back into union or subjection to Europe. Thus let Me put it thus first the attitude of Europe in as far as the referendum is concerned an unbelief that the UK would never vote to leave and even if it did would not have the audacity to do so, then the various ploys used by the EU government to persuade the UK to abandon its desire to leave because if it did then the UK would because of its devolved governments become divided in other words it gave a devolved Nation of the UK a promise; that it had no intentions of keeping; to try to dived the UK and the devolved governments against each other so that the UK would have been in no position to leave the EU until unity was restored which could only be done if the devolved Nations voting for independence and to remain within the EU thus forcing England and Parliament to follow if it wanted the UK to remain a United Kingdom, divide and conquer was the EU’s policy using the devolved governments to split the UK apart which did not work because the UK is a Unity not a federal state and thus is a centrally governed country which could if it became necessary dissolve the various devolved Governments though and act of parliament would have been needed to do so. Thus now seeking to use any means possible to force the UK to halt Brexit and make the UK stay in the EU, what is going to follow if this fails will Europe take an aggressive attitude towards Britain as it did when Elizabeth the first was on the throne or will there truly be an amicable relationship between the EU and the UK. What has to be considered since Henry the VIII divorced Britain from Europe there has always been one Nation or another seeking to conquer the UK thus it hath been that Europe and Britain have never really been able to see eye to eye on many Issues and even with the UK being a part of the EU it has never truly been an harmonious relationship will it be so now that Britain’s resolve to leave the EU is as it were set in stone.

This the Word of the Lord God to thee.

From the prophet of the Lord.

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