Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob


Thus say I unto thee even as concerning the veto given to Spain over the long contested Issue of the sovereignty of Gibraltar, which will not and should not be ignored though the Spanish object to the UK’s attitude towards the Issue in the first place of the veto yet still it avoids reassuring the UK government that in as far as the trade negotiations with the EU are concerned that if the UK and the EU come to the position whereby a satisfactory deal is on the table that is agreeable to both the EU and the UK that Spain will not use its veto until the position of Gibraltar’s sovereignty is resolved in Spain’s favour. Nor has the EU withdrawn Spain’s veto or sought to give the UK the assurance that in as far as the trade negotiations with the EU Gibraltar it will not be used either by Spain or the EU as a trade negotiation bargaining chip. The silence of the EU and Spain in as far as giving the UK reassurances over this issue speaks volumes. Thus the UK will face in trade negotiations this being placed on the table as one of the main conditions of a trade agreement with the EU that Spain’s Sovereignty over Gibraltar has to be recognised if the UK wants a good trade deal with the EU. To put it bluntly no recognition no trade deal.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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