Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus say I even the only true God and creator of the whole Universe and all that in it is even all of mankind from the beginning until now and all the creatures that dwell on the face of the Earth I who doth execute Judgment upon the wicked of the Earth to cause them to go down unto sheol for their wicked acts against humanity in causing the death of the innocent men women and children of any Nation upon the face of the Earth by whatsoever means that are employed to do so. But now it is I am against thee O Government of Syria to destroy thee and all thy followers the stench of thy wickedness reaches to the heights of the heaven of heavens and the blood of thy victims doth cry out from the ground for vengeance thus say I vengeance is Mine saith the Lord and My vengeance shall descend upon thy head and the heads of thy regime and all of those that follow thee in that city. Think not that thou shalt escape My Just Judgment of thee for there is nowhere on the Earth thou canst escape MY wrath and anger against thee, Thus it shall be not only shalt thou and thy regime be destroyed but that entire city with thee. Look unto those Nations of the Earth which thus far I have struck with fire and whirlwind and storms earthquakes and tsunamis for their disobedience of all of My Holy Law and commandments thus far that hath been but a warning of that which is to come upon them if they do not turn from their wicked and disobedient ways repent and begin to obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments. But think not that in one day I cannot wipe thee and that city wherein thou doth dwell both thee and that wicked regime and all who follow thee from the face of the Earth. Thy Cup of wrath and anger hath been filled up now to the brim and it shall be poured out upon thee. But it is that I have not finished punishing the Nations for their inactivity in as far as bringing an end to thy wickedness and thee to Justice for the murdering of thine own people for there are sin’s or crimes of commission and sins or crimes of omission thy crimes sins are wicked crimes or sins of commission the inactivity of the Nations in dealing with thee and bringing thee and thy regime to Justice are sins or crimes of omission and they shall indeed feel full force of My wrath and anger for such.
This is the Word of the Lord to thee.
From the prophet of the Lord.

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