Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee as concerning that which the EU states what the UK’s debt to the EU, but what about the debt that the EU owes Britain and her allies since the second World war when the war ended European Nations where in a state of collapse and Britain and her allies poured billions in aid an in the reconstruction of European Nations even the freeing of Europe from the tyranny of Hitler and the third Reich a debt Britain nor her allies have ever demanded to be repaid or even requested gratitude for, which never came. Though the UK must be said had to repay her debt to the USA for all the aid and weaponry it supplied to Britain during the Second World War which nearly lead to Britain’s bankruptcy. Apart from that when Britain did Join the EU it was the EU which wanted Britain to Join the EU not the other way round and though much of the UK didn’t want to join it was then the party in government and the then Prime minister that took the UK into the EU of which there was much outcry against in the UK. But why did the EU want Britain to join it was not because of any other reason than Economics it was Britain’s trading and financial centre and access to Global trading and financial markets and the contributions that Britain would bring to the EU central membership fund and treasury which even until now has far outweighed the benefits that membership has received from the EU and this is what its afraid of losing also the EU members Nations export markets which is going to dramatically affect some members overall GDP. But since Britain joined over the years how have some of the EU central member Nations treated the UK? Certainly not as friends, but almost as enemies. But the final revelation as to the EU’s attitude towards the UK was in its consideration of moving what they termed the EU financial centre from London to Europe and where would if have been move to would it have been where the EU government now resides. Would the UK even if it had remained in the EU allowed that to come to pass I think not. But what in essence does that mean even robbing the UK of its financial trading centres and markets and making Britain but an inconsequential member of the EU having little or no say in the governing of the EU and no overall leverage in pushing through or objecting to any legislation that the EU proposed to put into place in effect finally be a European subject Nation the EU succeeding where the Spanish Armada failed. But there is one thing that the EU missed even if the UK had remained and its financial centre moved it would have been move in name only London would because of three hundred years of global trading and financial markets expertise have remained the world’s financial trading centre it’s not about buildings and companies financial centres and stock exchanges it’s about London’s understanding and experience of worldwide trade and finance that counts. There is one other matter and that is once the EU knew for certain Britain was leaving it started to try to get the financial trading centre companies and Banks and other large companies to move to the EU why because of the financial assets they would bring with them in stocks and shares in taxes and global trade but the question must be asked why would these be cut off from the Worlds financial trading centre?

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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