Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus I say unto the Nations that Russia seems to have delusions of grandeur in as far as its influence in the Middle East and the Arab states dismissing the USA’s influence as diminishing to such an extent as becoming inconsequential. Even stating that the Arab states are fed up of the British colonialism Russia attitude towards the British gives the impression that Russia still looks on the British as still having a colonial Empire, just to remind the Russian leadership Britain no longer has an Empire only a common wealth of true democratic Nations and in as far as the Middle East and the Arab states are concerned on looks for friendship and trade not interfering in their politics or the governing of their own country voicing only those concerns that are prevalent world wide. But to put not to finer point on the only influence Russia has in the region is the backing of an obnoxious tyrannical dictator whose days are numbered. Which looks like it’s another Afghanistan in as far as Russian influence is concerned when it had to leave that country because of the western backed rebels who caused its influence then in the Middle East to cease. But even if the Regime and its Leader did succeed in defeating the rebels what happens to the other terrorist groups they will not leave Syria easily without a fight and then there is the Kurds and Turkey will Russia back the Syrian regime, if because Turkey refuses to leave Syria because of the Kurds on its borders, seek to force Turkey out of Syria by attacking Turkish forces and then there is the Kurds they will not be dislodged easily. But I saith the Holy One of Israel say unto thee that thy backing of the Syrian regime and its leader is diminishing thy influence by the hour in the Middle East and if thou doth continue to back that regime in a short while when that regime and its leader are no more will cease altogether.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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