Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that many upon the Earth ask the question is there life after death? The answer to that question ye can find within thine own hearts sit they self down for I saith the Lord have placed the answer to that question within the hearts of all of mankind and in My Word, thus say I look deep very deep within thine own heart and ask thy self the question and then consider thine end after death seriously honestly and truthfully can you see yourselves going into oblivion none existence and all that it would mean imagine it if thou canst for thou wilt see the answer there and then consider thy life without thy body continuing after death in all honest truthfulness and reality canst thou see thyself no matter the destination going on after death also imagine the reality of living after death. Then consider also that which is within thee that mankind was never meant to die but to live forever both spiritually and physical looking after and tending to the whole of My creation both animate and inanimate the living creatures of the whole of the Universe and the ground beneath the feet of mankind. When mankind fell if I had not created mankind in My image then most surely mankind would have ceased to exist completely but because mankind is created in Mine own image I could cause the body to cease to exist but not the soul of mankind for that would have been like destroying Myself which could never be. Thus when mankind fell corruption entered the whole of creation even to the extent of mankind’s physical form thus the banishment from the garden of Eden. Thus also the promise of a Saviour so that those who desire to return unto Me could do so through Him, but what of those who refused or didn’t want to return unto Me I couldn’t because of My Image in mankind destroy them completely and they could not enter My Kingdom the only answer was to create a place of Banishment a place of punishment for rebellion and the breaking of all of My Holy Law and Commandments and that place is where all who are not of nor can be of Me sent forever. The bottomless pit or that place thou doth call hell a place not only of punishment but the torment of the inner burning of regret. But thus it’s thou should ask My Servant is there life after death for he knows and hath seen what awaits mankind after death the death of the body.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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