Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

In as far as the Russian and Iranian threats of retaliation there is no concrete evidence of them becoming a reality for even though Russia wants to increase its influence in the Middle East even to dominate it Russia and Iran fear starting a major war between them and the West in the Middle East, Which is revealed in the Russian and Iranian reaction to the Air strike by the US as delayed and rather feeble to say the least any other Nation for instance Israel would have reacted immediately with a counter attack and also South Korea would with North Korea along with a declaration of war as the British did with the IRA during the troubles which in the end proved that the only way to peace was to sit down and come to an negotiated agreement on a peace deal that was agreeable to both sides and proved the futility of all wars and conflicts and that they are beneficial to no one at all and that there are no victors only losers in all wars and conflicts. But one thing that must be pointed out and that is Russia, Syria and Iran were not expecting the West to react as it did and were in a state of shock for thus far the west’s reaction to the Syrian Regimes and the Russian actions in bombing rebel held cities causing massive casualties not only of the rebels but innocent men women and children in those cities was one of outrage and protest and condemnation but not one of taking concrete action in response to Syria’s and Russian actions not even threatening military action if the attacks didn’t stop and then there was the west’s response to the siege of Aleppo all words of protest and condemnation and outrage and yet not even a threat of military action if Russia, Syria and their allies didn’t halt their siege. The first test of the west’s reaction to Russian aggression came when it annexed the Crimea and the West protested but did nothing to stop Russia thus giving Russia the green light to do as it pleased and then there was the Russian backed rebels seeking to annex part of the Ukraine. The Russian attitude was if that had happened to Russia it would have sent in the military immediately and crushed the rebellion, but the entire west especially the EU did was just virtual to stand there and let it happen without even so must as a show of force. Thus this is essentially all that the Russians expected of the West all lot of shouting and complaining and virtually just standing there an let it happen, But Russia’s and the Iranian fears are now being revealed in the warning that they have publicly sent out to the US and the UK especially the foreign secretary. That this maybe heading in the direction that they didn’t want or expect it to go. In as far as the British World influence is concerned it has more than ever Russia, Syria of Iran put together have ever had.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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