Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time that there is no way that the Syrian regime will seek to come to any peace conference no matter who arranges it as has been revealed in the brokered peace conference arranged by Russia which never happened because he and his regime refused to attend. There is only one way that a tyrannical dictator seeks to establish peace in their country and that is by forceful subjugation of the population and the dictator will use any and all means at their disposal to do so, even to the extent if they have powerful allies; using them especial if that tyrannical dictator is facing defeat when the population have rose up in rebellion against their forceful subjugation; to achieve their objective putting on the veneer that they are not the aggressor but the population are the aggressors in that they have rose up in rebellion against their legitimate ruler without just cause. The tyrannical dictators heart is as hard as the nether millstone and has but one point of view and that is his own he is right and everyone else is wrong and in as far as those helping him to achieve his goal he sees them as but a means to an end and if they are fool enough to aid him in achieving that goal so much the better in as far as he is concerned. There are two destinations for the tyrannically ruled country when the population rise up against such an one, one is for the whole population to be held in constant subjugation and to be subjected to unimaginable horrors at the hand of the dictator even if they rebel and there is none to aid their rebellion they are crushed by their ruler and all onlookers do nothing to aid them in getting rid of such an one and his regime. The other destination is that his allies see him and his regime for what they are and are but being used to subjugate his people and abandon him and his regime and all those Nations who can see him and his regime for what they really are and help the people of that country to rid them of the cruel and tyrannical dictator. For him and his regime there is but one end and sooner or later he and his regime will meet it either at the hand of the Nations who have come to the aid of the population of that country or at Mine own hand the regime and the dictator will be cast down into the dust of the Earth and thence cast into the bottomless pit that which thou doth call hell forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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