Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto the Nations of the Earth at this time, that the Russian Government and its Leader are seeking to disprove that Syria was responsible for the Chemical attack But indeed the only means whereby this can be ultimately proven or disproven in by the invitation of a team of international chemical weapons experts to investigate the sight whereby it is claimed that the attack originated meaning the Syrian Air base but an outright refusal by the Syria regime is a sign of that regime being guilty also that if Russia refuses to put pressure on the Syrian regime and its Leader to admit a team of investigators into Syria and the Syrian Air base is a sign that Russia after the attack and the retaliation by the US, Russia was aware that the chemical attack had taken place and was the responsibility of the Syrian Leader but until the retaliatory strike was quite willing to stand by the Syrian government but now is seeking to blame anyone they can except Syria for the chemical attack. But when all is said and done the finger is pointing at the Syrian regime being guilty not only by the fact of the claim of it being an air strike of which the rebels and the terrorist groups have no aircraft and the only other aircraft in the region are those of the western allies. Also Syria’s track record is against it in the delivery by air of chemical weapons being dropped on the rebel enclaves and upon the Syrian population and what of the statement that all civilians associated with the rebels are terrorist whether or not they are actively fighting against the Syrian government even men women and children are in the eyes of Syria and its allies terrorist and therefore justifiable targets. Attacking rebels is one thing innocent civilians another who never can be justifiable targets for attack but the use of chemical weapons against either can never be justified only condemned and those responsible brought to Justice. Thus it looks as though the Russian President is clutching at straws by his actions in seeking to blame anyone else or any other source of the chemical attack hoping to avoid further attacks on Syria and the escalation to open conflict with the Western Nations and their allies. But why would the rebels have and store chemical weapons material when they have no real source of manufacture and delivery and would be immediately abandoned by the West if they had. Also could they ever by these means be responsible for attacking their own people also other terrorist groups in the area have the means of delivering chemical weapons by air even if they possessed them. So the responsibility for the attack can only and does point in one direction.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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