Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee My Judgement of the Nations travels on wings like those of a mighty Eagle hunting its prey, it searches with its Eagle eye until it spots its prey and then swoops down to claim is prey returning to its nest to feed its young. Thus travels My Judgement on swift wings seeking out those Nations most guilty of breaking My Holy Law and Commandments especial as concerning the taking of My Name in vain even as I also declare in My word beware God is not mocked for what a man sows that he shall reap which means if any one mocks My Holy Name or the taking of My name in vain is like sowing to the wind and the reaping thereof is the reaping of the whirlwind of My wrath and anger resulting in punishment of the perpetrators. Therefore unless repentance of the act is forth coming then Just Judgement shall pursue the guilty until the execution thereof. Thus My swift and terrible wrath and anger seeks as afore said the most rebellious disobedient wicked and cruel Nations under the sun and shall strike them down unto the dust from whence they arose by whirlwind and plague and famine and drought of tidal waves and Earthquakes and floods. But likewise the most obedient of Nations My Mercy and blessings travels on swift wings like unto the wings of those of the heaven of heaven thou callest angels even the My blessed servants and guardians of those who belong unto Me and the upright of mankind searching out to bless and prosper and protect against all who would cause them harm. For as I am a Just God visiting death and destruction on the wicked and disobedient I am also a loving God and Father to those who are obedient and upright and seek to live peacefully with all around them obey as they have the strength to do so My Holy Laws and commandments and to whom if they fall I do if they seek forgiveness pick them up and restore them to their former place in My sight. Thus it is that all of mankind are My children the wicked and rebellious must be punished and if they continue on the path of rebellion have to be banished from My Kingdom as even it is on Earth in a family home even though their parents want not to do so yet for the peace and harmony of the home must eventually cast them out or banish them and if they turn away from their rebellion and become obedient having learned rebellion only cause heart ache and hardship for them and their parents are forgiven and welcomed back into the home so also is it so with Me until their lives have ended upon the Earth and they come before Me to be Judged the unrepentant hard hearted rebels are banished to the place thou doth call hell for ever and the repentant and obedient are welcomed as true holy and pure children into the Kingdom of the Heaven of heavens forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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