Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and the heaven of heavens and all that in them is, I say unto thee in as far as a far eastern state is concerned hast thine own complacency in dealing early with this one lead thee to the brink of a major conflict. Doth not this state remind thee of another that geared itself up for war and conquest resulting in the second World war and just to remind one Nation of its most prominent politician warning it of another Nations military build up which if had been taken notice of could possibly have avoided the second world war let this warning apply to this far Eastern State as with the leader then of that Nation so now political dialogue will not accomplish peace, it will be only seen as sign of weakness, revealing an inability to act to avert a major conflict. Is it now that thou hast to tread carefully in dealing with this one or is it that now is the time and the place for to reign in this one’s aim and ambitions for there can be but one aim and one ambition of a military state that continues year after year to build up its military might and hold its Nation in subjection and fear and promotes leadership worship in all of its people upon pain of torture and death. This Nation is seeking to provoke the most powerful Nation into action against it to give it an excuse to go to war not mainly with that Nation but with the one South of it and once it has conquered the Southern Nation and establish its authority militarily over the whole peninsular will further build up its military might to attack what is in its eyes a weak Nation to the west that tests were used to see if that Nation would react militarily which it did not. But the main Nation that is in danger in that region is that to the North of it which it sees as a ally of the west, which seeks to curb its ambitions to become militarily the most powerful Nation in that region if not the Earth. So will it be thou will refrain from forcing this one to abandon its nuclear aims on building its nuclear military might and give this Nations Leader the impression that no matter what he does the west will stand by and let it happen as the west hath done in Syria or will thou bring an end to this one’s military ambitions in the only way possible. In as far as this situation is concerned the two outcomes are the same taking action will provoke major conflict in the region doing nothing will give the leader of that Nation the impression that he can do as he pleases in that far eastern region. So to thee I say there is but one course of action and thou also knoweth what that is.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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