Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee as concerning the far Eastern Military Nation of which I said hath thine own complacency in dealing with this Nation lead to the situation now facing thee? Thus say I that if thou as afore said dealt with this Nation in the first place as it should have been when it started its Nuclear program thou would not now be facing the situation thou art now in but it is not thou alone but other far eastern Nations that are also faced with this Nations aggressive military stance, far more so than the Western Nations are concerned. But in as far as the range for its intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles are concern the past test failures in its attempts in tests to achieve that range for its missiles reveal that this Nation has yet to achieve that range for its missiles but is getting closer to doing so the tests publically displayed for the west to see was just to make the west believe they had done so already but if they do achieve the range they are aiming for will make it not only a threat to that region but to the west as well. But dost thou think that this militarily oriented Nation has but one objective in building a nuclear missile arsenal just to act as a deterrent because it fears the military takeover of mighty western and other powerful Nations doing to it as has been done in the middle east and in other regions which it claims the west is guilty of. If thou dost believe that thou art deluding theyselves the immediate ambition of this Nation is to unite the whole of that peninsular under that Nation and its leaders rule. If that hath not been the objective all along would not both halves of that Nation remained on a war footing? Which points again to the beginning of the Second World War and the claims of that Nations Leader all he wanted to do was to reunite his Nation with the Sudeten land and what happened afterwards. If thou doth believe sanctions or any peace conference or deal being struck by the west and even that Nation to the North will stop this Nation or its leader from seeking to achieve its goal thou art sadly mistaken for they have set their eyes stead fast on achieving the unity of that peninsular no matter what and the only way they can be stopped thou doth know already.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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