Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus say I unto thee at this time nuclear and balistic missile tests do not a nuclear arsenal make and also why threaten the western superpowers if a Nation has the Nuclear capabitity it claims to have. Yea indeed thou art not in a position to know exaclty this Nations Nuclear capability but questions also must be asked in as far as the cost and the necessary means and time needed to construct and build up such a nuclear arsenal this far eastern Nation claims to have. The lack of technical advancement to create relyable Balistic missiles is revealed in the past and present failures that have occured and what about the expence of such weaponry for such a small Nation would it not cause unpresidented poverty and then the question as to the source of the materials to creat one Nuclear warhead or maybe a couple consider other Nations in the World that are seeking to develope Nuclear weapon capability and the cost to their Nation and the time taken to get to the stage they are now at. A Nation that has the Nuclear capability to defend itself against any agreesor needs not to brag about that capability. In as far as the underground tests are concerned the question must be asked can they be made to resemble an underground nuclear explosion. Then there is the past history of the develoment of the Nuclear Bomb and the war heads and the tests carried out by western Nations any Nation that is as secretive and as paranoid as this one obviously is if threaten in such a manner as this Nation has been would have aready have reacted in a militarily manner with conventional weaponry first and then displayed it Nuclear Capability as a warning if it felt threatened to an extent that the West has displayed by its military actions thus far and its willingness to use its military might against Nations and terrorist that threaten innocent civilians and also use it against any Nation that threatens by Nuclear or anyother means the stability of international peace and security. As the saying is amongst thee the test of a pudding is in the eating and as I put it to thee the evidence or the proof of that far easterns Nuclear capability is in actual evidence of a surface Nuclear explosion of which the evidence that Nation has thus far failed to produce and the West to substanciate. But to thee I say nothing is hidden from My Sight and I it is that knows that Nations capability or the lack of it but indeed it is for Me to know it and thou to find it out and the answer is right infront of thy as thou wouldst say it thy noses. Or to put it another way look at and consider all the evidence and discover what is the reality of the situation before thou dost leap to any conclusions and chose the right path avoiding the one from which there is no return.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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