Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Unto thee at this time even to not only the political parties of the UK but the general public that the whole of the country needs come together and to stand by and support fully the party they elect to govern the UK now that an election is being called and rid this Nation of that disunity and those divisions that are prevalent at this time in this Nation divisions between the House of Lord and the House of commons, division between those who are against Brexit and those are for Brexit divisions that exist between the devolved governments and the parliament and between each other one wanting independence and another seeking to remain within the UK but yet remain within the single market and yet another divided against itself in that it cannot agree to form a united devolved government in Northern Ireland. Then there are divisions within the various parties over not only Brexit but on how the UK should be governed. What said I over a Nation being divided in all its aspects of Government, business, trade and finance over health and education over transport the caring of the elderly seeing to the needs of the homeless the orphan the sick the poverty stricken and the destitute and especially over Brexit now that the Negotiations have begun after the triggering of article fifty did I not say that a Nation so divided cannot and will not stand that it shall in the end fall and become a laughing stock of the Nations of the World. Whichever party is elected to govern this great Nation needs to have a strong solid determined Leader and Prime Minister and Needs to have their party solidly united behind whoever is elected as Prime Minister. But that leader not only needs to be determined and rock solid but also needs to be able to listen to all the major concerns not only of the Nation as a whole but to all the devolved Governments and compromise where and when necessary having the ability not only to unite these governments behind the UK government but with each other and to rid themselves of division and disunity and have the ability to get all the parties and the Devolved governments involved in the governing of the UK disunity profits no one and cause tremendous harm. But also the one elect should have the ability to be able to address the problems now facing the Nation as a whole and instead of parliamentary bickering that now exists in the houses of parliament over how each party would solve the problems facing the country there should be instead cross party consultation on how best to address and solve constructively those problems such as Education the Nation Health service trade and finance the transport system the inequality that exists throughout the UK between rich and poor. But not only should there be internal Unity between all the parties but there should be unity between all the parities in addressing international issues. Not that everyone should agree upon all political issues for everyone has their own view points and opinions but if especial now in as far as the World political climate is concerned unity strengthens a Nations standing in the World and a Nation truly united behind the government it elects cannot fall nor be defeated.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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