Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel unto thee at this time even unto this Nation as concerning the forth coming election which is going to work out even according to Mine own will and purposes as hath been set down and ordained since before the Universe and all that is in it was created. Thus I say this even the one who hath called this election should be prepared for an outcome that is not according to that which they envisaged for themelves and their party in the governing of this country. There are going to be shocks on all side of the political divide. But this shall be so that this Nation can become as one in as far as the coming negotiations with the EU are concerned united and not divided that in the end it will be to the benefit of the whole of this Nation and its devolved governments and contrary to the aims of certain member Nations of the EU seeking to punish this Nations for even having the nerve to even consider leaving the EU never mind actually leaving it will become an asset to the whole of Europe in as far as trade and finance, you may ask how so, I say this if the negotiations go according to plan and both sides see the potential of the UK outside of the EU attracting global trading companies to its shores so that they can use the UK as a stepping stone to gaining access to European trade and financial markets and vice versa European Nations having greater access to exporting goods to the global market. One of the main reasons for the main negotiators to change their minds is going to be the outcome of various election of the EU member Nations and seeing Britain outside of the EU as an asset and not to them a liability in as far as a trading outlet to the rest of the World. But for the negotiations to go the right way it needs the right people with the necessary skills and the right attitude to negotiate a deal that will benefit the EU and the UK and the devolved governments and the trading Nations of the World but not only the right attitude towards the negotiating a good deal with the EU which in as far as this coming election is concerned can be a one tracked minded approach to governing this great Nation there is a saying amongst thee that charity begins at home and in as far as Education health and welfare of the Elderly and the sick and disabled and meeting the needs of the destitute and poverty stricken and the homeless this therefore needs to go to the top of the list of any agenda that any electable government has so that these issues can be dealt with as soon as possible especially in as far as the children Nation charity doth begin at home. It is also like unto a physician how can he heal the sick if he is sick himself and this is the case of this Nation its sickness are disunity and division and social, welfare and health that needs a physician that can health these diseases.

This is the Word of the Lord to God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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