Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee that there are two of the main causes of disunity and division in the UK and they are the Northern Island and Scottish Governments and if the previous woman Prime Minister had been in power now she would have read the riot act to these two and told them to either tow the political line or face the dissolution of their home rule of which it looks as though that is already going to happen with Northern Island. But the problem with Scotland is not the people of Scotland it’s their Government, The people voted as to what they wanted to do in as far as independence is concerned and yet it seems that their Government has deaf ears as to the peoples wishes on whose behalf they govern which seem to have more of the characteristics of a dictatorship than a democratic government seeking to impose its will on the Scottish people how many referendums does it need to convince its government it does not want independence. But let Me put it in this light if it did become independent and did rejoin the EU two things it has to recognise that the EU would not tolerate the attitude it now has now towards the UK Government and that if it had any objection to policies and rules imposed upon it would be quashed immediately as it would have to fall into line with the other member states in fact it would have less influence that the smallest and poorest Nation of the EU and also it would lose it influence on trade both in as far as goods and finance within the EU and would be open to immigrant and refugee influx over which it would have no control and a hard secure border with the UK which in effect limit its influence even further as an EU member state and its influence in the governing of the EU and global politics and trade would be minimal to say the least. The disunity by these two must be brought to and end in as far as the coming EU negotiation and its standing on the World stage is concerned the party and leader which is elected if they wish to unite this country must read these two the riot act.
This is the Word of the Lord God to thee
From the prophet of the Lord.

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