Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time that the only answer at the present to the failure of Education the NHS and to the Transport System especial the Railways is renationalisation and massive reinvestment in all public service sectors. The present public services that are run by trusts and by franchises are not and will not meet the needs of the general public of this Nation, in effect what they are, are budget cuts by stealth in that all the trust have to stay within the budgets set by the government and if the government reduces their budget every time it is awarded to the trusts it puts a limit on how much they can invest or not invest in service improvements thus resulting in a strain of the services they must provide the at level which is set down by the government which if there are short comings of the services they provide the blame is pointed not at the government but at the service providers which are the trusts, trusts only work if the have the means to provide a quality service which means that the government which it does not because of budget cuts award a Budget sufficient to mean the requirements that the public need especial in as far as the whole of the health and care services are concerned. In as far as the Rail franchises that is another path to complete privatisation of the railways and is sub contracting out by another name and is the same in effect as the budget awarded to the trusts whether education or the health the companies which win a franchise are those that put in like the subcontractor the lowest bid for the franchise and yet maintain the highest standard of service set by the government and thus also the blame for not providing a quality service is pointed at the companies providing the service and not the Government. But the question is how low do the Budgets awarded by the Government go before they become privatised services over which the public have no say in and no control. Which could revert in as far as public services are concerned in the extreme a pre-war state?

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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