Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I in as far as the reports that trading with the EU is in the US Leaders eyes a better proposition than trading with the UK in the first instance and one of the EU member Nations stating that they would be willing to trade with the US both putting Britain at the back of the que in arranging trade deals both had better await the outcome of the Brexit negotiations than now jumping the gun as so to speak for both could possibly be shooting themselves in the foot in that the member state in question’s main export market is the UK and the possibility of loosing that export market with the off chance of making a deal which could take if it followed President Obama’s legacy in seeking a trade deal with the EU that virtually lasted the full term of his presidency without any sucsess as long again. What the present leader has to consider is that all twenty seven have to be in agreement over a negotiated deal with the US. But in as far as one of the member states export market being the UK which will still exist if a trade deal with the UK is reach that is acceptable and profitable to both the EU and the UK in the Brexit negotiations then the continuation of the trade deals with certain members states will already be in place and will not take as long to reach a conclusion as negotiations will take to reach a deal with the US and even if a satisfactory trade deal is reached with the US there is the overall expenditure of exporting goods and services to the US. Where as the transportation of goods and service to the UK will be negligible. But also what has to be considered is the type of deal that the present Leader of the US will be looking for better would it be for any Nation seeking to trade with the US with him as leader better consider his past track record both in as far as who have been the ones to most profit out of his trade deals him or those he has made deals with, he will be looking at a trade deal in the first instance of being a free without EU tariffs deal and then there will be negotiations of transport expenditure to and from the US which even the UK will have to be wary of for with the US leader there are only special relationship in word and not in action as has been proven by his lack of keeping to his pre election promises in as far what he promised to do before the election and what he has done since being elected the question is can he be trusted to keep his word.

This is the Word Of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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