Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation it is a wicked and perverse people that seek a sign from Me over that which is to come upon the whole of the European continent and none shall be given except those signs as hath been set down before and that revealed in My Word as concerning the end times and the times of Jacobs trouble well had it been for past generations to have studied and believed all that is revealed in My Word as concerning these days and all that is written therein and taken less notice of thy scientist who put forth speculations and theories as to the whole of creation of the Universe seeking to understand the creation and that which they purport to be the beginning and evolution of the whole of creation which is not following their theories and especially that theory of evolution as was set down and accepted by all of mankind not as theory in practice but fact but in the end it is a theory based upon the discoveries of on the scale of one small island and not on a global or Universal scale but even so they have not discovered the beginning and evolution of the whole of creation and the Universe in reverse in actuality the Universe mankind and the whole of creation is not evolving but devolving and hath done so since Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden and shall continue till it shall reach the day when I saith the Lord God of Hosts shall cause this present creation to cease along a long with the stars and galaxies of the Universe and the Universe itself do create a New Universe; as thou doth call the heavens; and a new Earth that shall be perfect in every respect and shall exists forever, the day when the heavens even the whole of the Universe is rolled up like a scroll and a new creation is rolled out like one unrolling a scroll when all things are made a new wherein there is no corruption death or disease that is devoid of all evil and wickedness where all the creatures of the New Earth live a peace and in harmony with each other wherein My presence and My glory shall fill the Universe as thou doth call it and the whole of creation unto perfection and it shall be as at the beginning in the cool of the day I shall descent to the Earth to converse with all of creation and all of mankind for they all shall be to Me children of the Living God and I shall be a Father to each and every one. Thus say I unto thee n9ow it is that day is not to long off well it is that thou now doth consider the state of thy soul in relation to My Holy Word Law and Commandments and when this comes about wherein shalt lay thy destination,

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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