Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee at this time even unto the present government of this Nation that it is thy bound duty and the condition of thy prosperity and the prosperity of the whole Nation that thy priority should be upon the sick the elderly the homeless the orphan and the destitute of thy nation especially thy children and it is at this time that thou art and hast neglected thy duty in as far as the children in desperate need in thy Nation, but not only in thy Nation but also in the needs of refugee and immigrant children therefore as thou and thy Nation hath so neglected thy duty so I will neglect to prosper thy Nation as I promised I would if thou did fail to take heed of My Word unto thee as concerning the care of the sick the elderly the homeless the orphan and all who were in desperate need in thy and other Nation struck by war drought and famine. Thus now because of thy neglect to heed My Word and obey all of My Holy Law and commandments that My favour as concerning re-election of thy party to govern this great Nation will be to put it mildly diminished and even if thou art re-elected thou wilt not prosper in thine office. Well it would be not only to have focused upon leaving the EU before it collapses but also upon the needs and prosperity of thy people for it is that thy place in government at this time is dependent upon the care of all of the people especially the young of thy Nation and by thine aid to other countries that need thy help. But as concerning that Northern Nation especially those on the border thou wilt find that the governing parties size after the election hath diminished and that other parties will have gained inroads into gaining seats in that Nation mainly because of they are fed up of their governing party concentrating on that which matters not to them which is independence referendums and what thou sayest the bee in the governing parties bonnet about the governing party of the UK leading to the neglect of the internal problems facing that Nation. One of the main concerns on the borders of that Nation which is their fear if the Nation did go independent that a hard border would be in place between the two Nations which would happen if it did gain independence also the lack of free access to UK trade markets.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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