Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation that there in nothing hidden that shall not be revealed and brought out into the open as the saying goes the truth will out. Thus it is that this Government by its austerity measures and the creation of all of these trusts and academies and budget cuts are they not seeking by stealth to dismantle the whole of the welfare system. For slowly but surely all the services are being pushed into the private sector. There is more investment now in the private sector health, education, care of the elderly, nurseries and there are more cuts to the whole of the welfare system than there has ever been and what about social housing which is almost none existent having been farmed out to private housing association, all of these austerity measures are thy not slowly but surely choking to death the welfare system social council housing and other services including those which were once owned and run by the government and therefore owned by the public even all of the Nationalised industries that were put in place after the second world war by a government that care more about the people of the Nation so much so that they sought to make child poverty and family homelessness past sickness and disease lack of proper care for the elderly and overcrowded housing and inadequate child care would be a thing of the past. Thou doth have just to look back at conditions not just before the second world war but further back when Britain was a two class society very rich and very poor. Also thou hast to consider the Nations that are devoid of a proper welfare and care systems and what now is happening in those countries because of the lack of adequate care facilities and no means of combating corruption poverty homelessness having abandoned children on the streets of cities of many Nations they are all starting to rebel against their governments because of poverty destitution and the corruption of their Governments. What this and other governments have to consider in going down a privatization path is that sooner of later because of poverty destitution and two tier socially system those at the bottom sooner or later will rise up and rebel as has happened in the past one example being France and the French revolution another is the British civil war and even another the war of independence in the USA the people of any Nation when push further and further into destitution and poverty by corrupt greedy governments run by the rich and powerful will only be pushed so far and when they have nothing to lose by rebelling will do so and in the end the ones to truly suffer for their deeds are those in corrupt governments and the rich and powerful when you’re at the top of a corrupt social system there is only one way and that is down unto destruction. Also what has to be remembered the rich and powerful of any country are a minority of down trodden country and the majority are those that usual are the down trodden the poor the sick the elderly and the homeless. Britain had in the past no matter what a reputation of seeing to the needs of all the people of the British Isles and now has that reputation become tarnish by the actions of a few.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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