Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee and unto the whole of Europe that in as far as the EU government is concerned that it is not and will not fragment so much so that it in the end it will not fall apart at the seams is evidence of a stagnant bureaucracy that is unwilling to accept the evidence that is right before their eyes that the whole of the membership want reform because of the lack of being able to control their own borders and restrict the movement of immigrants and refugees and other criminal elements so much so that they can travel freely throughout the EU leaving them with little or no security and leaving them vulnerable to the terrorist element now prevalent throughout the EU. The necessity for reform in the EU has been in the past pointed out by other politicians of whom they have either totally rejected or ignored even some of their own politicians have mentioned the necessity for reforming the whole of the EU but only either as a quiet statement or as a passing remark but never as a serious statement of fact and that is what needs to be emphasised to the EU government that it is a statement of fact that unless there is a reforming of the EU its days are numbered but it is not only that which is causing certain member states to consider staging referendums on remaining in the EU but the fact that the UK is leaving the EU and they are coming to the conclusion that if considerable reformation does not take place that leaving the EU as Britain is, is a possible practical alternative to being part of a Union whose stubborn and intransigent politicians are as thou wouldst put it seem to be living in a could cuckoo land because of their belief that the EU can continue as it has existed for many decades without necessary reform. The World order is and has changed and any that will not bend with that wind of change will be broken in pieces by it.
This is the Word of the Lord God to thee
from the prophet of the Lord

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