Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus as thou of the EU in thy council hath set the minimum negotiating position of Brexit when the negotiations begin if that minimum red line beyond which thou wilt not go of which I do know of that which it is and as both sides have agreed through dialog and the various meetings of the Heads of the member states by the EU central government president and the main negotiator in charge of the negotiations with also the UK government PM in a manner befitting two civilized Union’s in the spirit of friendship and cooperation to the end that both Unions benefit from the reluctant leaving on the part of the EU by the UK and that future relations with the EU community in many ways will also be conducted with the same cooperation and friendship with the aim of enhancing the security against all threats to both Unions and prosperous advancement of trade and finance betwixt both communities in that both are a vital part of the European continents prosperity and security. Thus I do say unto thee if thou both doth conduct these negotiation as both sides aim to do in the spirit of friendship harmony and cooperation with each other then I will indeed bless and prosper both Unions. But in as far as the EU is concerned I will for the cohesion of all of the member states that necessary internal reform is carried out as soon as possible so that there arises no future dissention within that Union for disunity and dissention can and will cause splits within any Union which will in the end contribute towards its failure. In unity and strong leadership there is the strength of any Union and in disunity and weak leadership therein lies the end of any and all Unions.

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