Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus say I unto thee at this time in as far as the leaving of the EU by the UK is concerned My warning goes out unto thee for as those in the Government of the UK have not taken heed of My Word unto thee in as far as reducing thy austerity measures and the care of the elderly the sick the disabled and the infirmed the orphan the homeless the destitute and all other services in as far as thy welfare services are concerned even thy health and education services. But also in as far as thy disobedience to all of My Holy Law and Commandments and causing the immorality and wickedness of thy Nation to continue for it is in as far as the Judging of the Nations is concerned I do not Judge a Nations morality or immorality by what mankind considers as moral or immoral but by that measure as is set down in My Word which I have done unto all Nations in the past and will so do unto the Nations at this time and also in the future unto perfection that standard of morality of which I have done and will Judge the Nations is set in stone and cannot be altered in any way shape or form and is revealed in My Word in both what thou doth term the old and the new testaments even all of My Holy Law and Commandments and the prophets and those writing of those thou doth call the disciples of the true and only Messiah even Immanuel. Thus I did say that I would prosper thy Nation if thou didst take heed of that word I set before thee in as far as the issues set above and if thou dist not take heed and did not obey all of My Holy Law and commandments what would the state of thy economy be and as it hath begun because of thy and thy peoples disobedience the economy of thy Nation is and will suffer to such an extent in as far as thy disobedience and taking none heed of the warning as are set down in My Word that the possibility of a recession will be forth coming for thy Nation and in as far as Brexit is concerned if it is not conducted as I have so set it down not only wilt thy Nation suffer but the whole of the European Union member states. Remember the nineteen thirties and the great depression and search out the cause of it and those that suffer in it. The great depression was caused by immorality wickedness and disobedience of all of My Holy Law and commandments and the wicked greed of Mankind and mainly because of the unbelief of mankind in that mankind thought because I had been silent for so long that I did no longer exist even some claimed I was dead such was mankind’s self delusion. For how can I THE AM THAT I AM who am infinitely perfect in all aspects of My Being without limit and without beginning and end who holds the whole of creation in the palm of My Hand even the whole of the Universe cease to exist. But it is not only the delusion of mankind that cause mankind’s unbelief in My existence but also that if I did not exist that there would be no day of Judgment wherein all of mankind would have to give and answer for their lives on Earth and be Judge according to My Holy Law and commandments as set down in My Word unto perfection of which none of mankind can and will excape no not one.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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