Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time in as far as the EU’s relationship with the UK since it became a member and the question must be asked where would the EU be now without Britain becoming a member when it did. If all the facts are taken into consideration the state of the EU then and now, and how Britain was persuaded to put it mildly, into becoming a member. Britain was rising as a prosperous trading Nation it had what no other Nation in the World had then and was and still is the envy of the World Britain’s welfare state an unequalled National Health Service, National free education its transport system was becoming the envy of the World. But what about the state of the EU then quite literally it was going nowhere? Poverty in many of the main EU member states was on the increase. Germany was still a divided occupied Nation because of the cold war and was not the rich united Nation it is now. France was still recovering from the Second World War and needed a massive influx of investment the same with Italy and Spain. To Frances credit and friendship with Britain, France became a major channel of trade to and from the UK from the European markets, although that tended to fluxuate from time to time. Also London was becoming more and more the financial trading centre of the World. So because of the State of Europe it was little wonder that it wanted Britain to Join. But there was a great amount of objection in parliament and across the country to Britain Joining the EU but in the end Britain was persuaded to join only just, the then political party and its PM managing to persuade parliament to vote in favour and the PM then sealing the deal with the EU though many in Britain had little liking for him doing so. But there are factors similar to the events then in as far as the EU going out of its way for Britain to join and the referendum in staying or leaving in the seventies that the EU government in the seventies went out of its way to stop the UK from leaving and now the EU is again going out of its way using and any and all means to stop Britain Leaving why because the EU was and is dependent on the UK for survival at this present time. Look at what the bill for leaving the EU amounts to five to six years of membership fees to the EU giving it breathing space to put into place a solid independent economical structure to replace the one that it has now. All everyone needs to do also is to look at the actions of the EU government to see that the EU is panicking over its survival after Britain leaves. Look at what’s happening with the member states and the bulling that’s going on by the EU government since when has the EU vote over a policy so quickly as it did over what its bottom or red line would be in the Brexit negotiations it signifies that a lot of pressure has been put on member states to comply with the EU Governments red line policy. Also in as far as the Unity of the EU is concerned what it was when there was no inkling of the UK leaving and what it is now, the EU governments claims of EU Unity by agreement is an illusion there is only Unity in the EU because the member states fear what the EU governments actions will be if they don’t comply with the EU governments policies. If the EU thinks its past tactics will work now in keeping the UK in the EU they are deluding themselves.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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