Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time even unto the UK and the EU that a trade deal betwixt the EU and the UK needs to be at the for front of the negotiations on Brexit and not at the end along with the present priority over the residency of EU citizens in the UK and UK residents in the EU. For by putting trade at the later end of the negotiations it looks as though neither side really understands the complexity not only for the UK leaving the EU but understanding that the lack of setting up a viable trade deal at the outset of the negotiations will create a backlash that could tear the EU apart or have catastrophic effects on its economy because of the loss of revenue that it receives from the trade of goods services and finance that is channelled into and through the EU from the British dependent territories as all trade via the UK and its dependent territories will have to revert to the state it was before Britain Joined the EU. Therefore trade with and from those territories will surely have to along with negotiating a viable and beneficial trade deal with the UK by the EU it will have to negotiate a new viable trade deal with Britain’s dependent territories meaning Australia, Canada, New Zealand Gibraltar and etcetera. So to put it bluntly no trade deal at the outset, between the UK and its dependent territories with have dire effects on the economy of the EU. Thus what does the present arrogant attitude of the EU reveal but a lack of understanding the true complexity of the Brexit negotiations not only for the UK for it could quite literal walk away from the EU without a deal of any kind Oh yes there would be consequence for the UK taking that path but in no way equal to the consequences for the EU if the UK did walk away without any deal whatsoever and could cause economic chaos within the EU. So both sides need to get to grips with their intransigent attitude towards these negotiation for at the moment those politicians on both sides who are going to be involved in the negotiation need to either get rid of their arrogant and intransigent attitude towards these negotiations and each other or appoint on both side others to negotiate on their behalf because at the moment these negotiations are looking more like a battle field with two warring Unions than two civilized sensible and calm Unions seeking a viable sensible outcome to the benefit of both sides on the Leaving of one Union from another.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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