Thus saith he Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus set I before thee that the Universe is not infinite and that there are; contrary to theorisations of thy scientist; no other dimensions in existence than the one thou doth exist in. But to give thee some idea as to the size of the Universe when I say I hold it in the palm of My hand. The only way to understand the size of the Universe from a human perspective is to place a grain of sand in the palm of a human hand and then imagine that grain of sand which is made up of billions of molecules to be the whole Universe and each molecule in it a galaxy and in each galaxy billions and billions of stars and around many stars planets and around but one star a planet thou doth call Earth with its sister planets then in relation to the whole of that grain of sand thou can really see how insignificant mankind really is and also how miniscule the Earth and its star is in relation to the whole of the Universe is. But take that grain of sand and replace it with a pure perfect pearl and then expand that palm to be of infinite proportions even belonging unto Me saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and then thou could have but the slightest inkling of the size of the Universe in relation to the extent of My being. But even more imagine this Universe again as the size of that grain of sand thus because I am not as thou art confined to the form of a physical body I exist in infinity without limitations yet in an instant faster than ever thou can imagine I can see the whole of the Universe and each and every galaxy and each and every star and planet all at the same time and also at the same time perceive and know and understand every human being upon the Earth down to every molecule of their physical form but even more so I see every word thought deed every single Iota of the spiritual part of every human being even that which thou doth call thy personality in an instant of what thou doth call time and can see one individual at a time or the whole of humanity at once. Many ask the question as to My limitations there are none I am THE I AM THAT I AM perfect and without limitation in any way shape or form. Thus to Me past present and the future exist in My sight now there is to Me no future or past only the infinite now thus it is that only mankind is limited in as far as mankind’s existence is concerned but would not have been so had mankind not fallen in My Garden which was created for the whole of humanity to live and move and have their being upon the Earth and eventually upon all the planets of the Universe. Thus was mankind created in Mine own image to care for the whole of My creation forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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