Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto the Nations of the Earth did I not say that as My Word says Judgment begins at the house of God and so it hath begun and shall continue as it will also descend upon all false faiths and religions beginning with those who teach and preach that which is contrary to My Holy Word Law and Will even that purpose for which I created the whole of mankind for which was and is to live and move and have their being in Me to Love Me as Much as I have and do Love all of mankind even also those who have rebelled against Me resulting in them being cast out of My garden and Kingdom of whom like unto the prodigal son in My Word I did await their return unto Me some I know My waiting hath been in vain for they have been unwilling to return unto Me of whom though I wanted it not I have because of their rebellion and great wickedness had to cast at the end of their lives into the bottomless pit forever. But those who have returned unto Me for them hath been and shall be at the end of their lives even as the prodigal son was welcomed by his father with great celebration thus this awaits them, they are the lost sheep who have been found and returned to My fold. But it is now that as a fore said Judgment hath begun at Mine own house and first and foremost upon Mine own people and all of those who profess to belong unto Me but walk contrary to My Holy Law and Commandments in their heart though they seem to appear holy and righteous externally. But indeed the matter in hand is if Judgment hath begun at Mine own House when it is completed upon whom or upon which Nation city town and people will it descend thereafter? Thus do I say unto thee I shall thus then begin to Judge the Nations one by one the most wicked and immoral and perverted and disobedient Nation first I shall thus go from city to city and shall give this promise as I gave to Abraham when I went to destroy the cities of the plain even Sodom and Gomorrah if I can find any righteous souls within a city I am about to Judge then that city will pass over and bye that city but if none therein shall be found then I shall destroy that city even to the extent I destroyed the cities of the plain. The most wicked and immoral cities are to be Judged first and I shall not relent until all of the cities of the Earth have thus been Judged and if found without one righteous soul shall utterly and totally be destroyed.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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