Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee a tree is know by the fruits it produces poisonous trees poisonous fruits harmful to all and to be cut down and burned in the fire, but good trees produce healthy fruits beneficial to all who do part take of them, thus is it also as My Word says do men gather figs from thistles so also is it with mankind for only poisonous words come from out of a wicked and perverse mouth which begets conflict and is of no benefit to any one, whereas good words come from the mouth of a good person that brings about reconciliation and peace betwixt peoples and Nations of which it seems in Europe there are not many in high office. Thus also is it with the proud and arrogant the way of peace they don’t know nor want to know and not only are they a curse to all around them but to themselves also and their downfall is just around; as thou wouldst put it; the corner, of which there seems to be too many in high office in Europe. As My Word say it’s not what goes into the mouth of any person but what comes forth from the mouths of many of mankind that reveals the true Nature of the person. For out of the mouth can come pleasant words of comfort and friendship with healing of their wings and also of out of the mouth can come deceit and wickedness and proud boasting that causes not only conflict between the best of friends but can if the one producing them is in high office, conflict and even wars between Nations. A wise and warm heart and mind brings forth wisdom and friendship a foolish and perverse and cold heart brings forth foolishness and is despised in the end by all but not only is the foolish person a curse to others but to themselves also and the mouth of the grave and the bottomless pit awaits them.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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