Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time that the true translation of sparing the rod in My Word is he who refuses to discipline his children does not love them and not as is set down in thy translation of My Word it is a miss translation by a cruel and violent generation and as is revealed by the word that follows chasteneth which means to discipline to admonish to correct to rebuke to give a dressing down and not to be violent to thy children which can cause major harm to the child. A father who disciplines his children with a loving heart disciplines them because he loves them and wants them to be a credit unto him and for their own benefit that they may grow up to be a valuable and beneficial member of society and may also follow in his footsteps with their children. A father who disciplines his children with a cruel heart despises his offspring for to him they are nought but a burden and a father that disciplines not his children is a father who cares not for his children and is of an empty and a cold heart who are indeed not the offspring of love but are the offspring of lust and soon to be abandoned by such an one when lust becomes a burning desire that needs to be satisfied which drives that father to go in search of someone to satisfy it whose heart is as cold as ice and as empty of care and consideration for even those of his own house hold or family as a bucket full of holes that can never be filled and is its slave till the end of his life and in Judgement when cast into the bottomless pit shall be like unto one who has around his neck a millstone when cast into the depths of the sea. For thus it is that I am the Loving Father a creator of all of My Creation even those who have and do rebel against Me causing Me much heart ache of who I have if they persist in their rebellion to banish them from My presence and Kingdom. The father who heart is set of his children and brings them up aright I bless and prosper the father who is cruel unto his children I will and shall punish and at last cast such an one into the pit thou doth call hell and that father who is slave to his lust shall suffer as set down in My for lust when is conceived bring forth sin and when sins cup is filled to overflowing brings forth death of the soul as well as the body.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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