Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the heaven of heavens to thee and to the whole of Europe even all the Nations therein because of thy deafness and hard heartedness towards My warnings as concerning obedience to all of My Holy Law and Commandments and the care of all thy sick elderly orphans homeless and all of those in poverty and destitution in thy land wasting thy wealth on projects that did not meet the needs of the people of thy Nations causing the rich to get richer and the poor to become poorer, that if thou didst not take heed what I should cause to descend upon thee even drought and famine and pestilence and diseases as thou has never before beheld or suffered. Thus hath it began to come upon thee, the ground therefore shall not produce its bounty as afore for it shall produce but weeds and thistles thy crops shall spring up but thy harvests shall diminish and not produce their bounty as afore times the ground shall become barren and dry as it hath begun to do so, so shall it continue the skies shall withhold the former and the later rains causing more of thy rivers to slowly dry up as will thy lakes and reservoirs. Thy herds of sheep and cattle shall not produce offspring for they shall become barren their wombs empty and disease plague and pestilence shall come upon them. Afore time I struck thy land and Nations with storms and torrents of water from the seas and the skies above yet thou dist attribute this to what thou doth call Nature and not unto My Judgment of thy Nations disobedience and deafness to My warnings that I would bring up thee storms and floods earthquakes tidal waves and volcanoes listening more to thy scientist who know not nor do see nor want to see the true cause of the disasters that have come upon thee they are even as the those of the courts of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniels day and as the witch doctors of the tribes of Africa blind leaders of the blind and they and those who follow them shall fall into the bottomless pit they who say at one time what is beneficial and healthy and then contradict themselves by stating that is unhealthy and harmful those who say plumes of ice shot off into space because they contain hydrogen there is water beneath a moons surface whether or not that is so or not I shall not reveal at this time but I shall say this that they will seek funding of billions for the exploration of this moon to see whether or not there is water and if awarded, all the billions they requested wasted for what? As that funding could have been used to meet the needs of many at home and abroad these scientist are cold and heartless people who have no thought or consideration for the needs of those in dire circumstances suffering from wars conflict drought and famine who would be better off using their talents for the betterment of mankind and those in need who indeed shalt be held accountable for all of their deeds. Thus did I give thee the chance to repent of thy disobedience to My Holy Word Law and Commandments so that My Will Might be done upon Earth as it is in the heaven of heavens and yet still thou didst not heed My warnings nor acknowledge that it was I who brought these disasters upon thee attributing it still to Nature as have others of false religions and false and idolatrous faiths done so in the past who provoked Me to anger to destroy them utterly from the face of the Earth. Thus now it is as afore said I shall bring down upon thee drought and famine and as promised cause poverty and not prosperity to be thy lot even to the extent of causing thy circumstances in all of Europe to be far worse than the great depression and it shall continue until thou doth turn and repent of thy rebellion and neglect of thy people and those abroad. But and if thou doth do so I shall cause My wrath and anger to cease and I shall restore unto thee thy prosperity tenfold learn the lessons of the past and consider of what I did to Mine own people because of their rebellion and disobedience to My Holy Law and commandments if I so spared them not think I will thee if no repentance is forth coming!

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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