Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee that all those houses wherein it is professed dwelleth My Holy Name even all of those houses that are proclaimed to be places of worship wherein My Name is held in high reguard and those who congregate therein who profess to worship Me the World over yet only do pay lip service to Me with their mouths whose hearts are far from Me who are as the Pharisee’s and Seduces and Zealots of old going about in the fine robes of self righteousness those who go about with an holier than thou attitude declaring how righteous they are because they follow the letter of My Holy Law and commandments and observe all the set holy days and yet they are as dead men walking about outwardly seemingly spiritually alive yet indeed they are spiritually dead cut off from Me twice dead and condemned to the pit or hell saith the Holy One of Israel because of their hypocrisy. They dress in their fine robes of office they take their place at the head of the great congregation they declare that all should believe in Me and that all should obey My Holy Law and commandments that all should profess their sins and repent seeking My forgiveness for all of their sins and crimes of unbelief and the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments, they lead in the singing of psalms and song of praise and put forth word of admonition and encouragement to the members of the congregation to follow in the footsteps of the true Messiah and how they should walk the path of life and prepare for the next life but as My Word saith they are but noisy gongs clashing symbols righteous in their appearance to others yet full of dead men’s bones they say and do not they call for others to believe and yet in their hearts they believe not they call for others to repent but repent not themselves. They know not nor do they see nor do they understand they take one portion of My Word gladly to their hearts and yet reject others the parts that condemn them the parts wherein is declared punishment for disobedience to My Holy Will and purpose as revealed in My Word yea some believe that if they have faith in the true Messiah that it excludes them from obedience to My Holy Law and commandments it does not the faith they have is not the true Faith it is but a deluded creation of their own imaginations for is it not declared in MY Word that the Messiah came not to do away with the Law but to establish it. True Faith is given so that those who truly believe are given the strength through Faith to obey all of My Holy Law and Commandments as said My Word is set down so simple and ye simply profound that all may understand and know it says what it means but also it says any who add unto it to them shall be added all the punishments of My Holy Word and all those who take away from it their Names shall be taken out of the book of life so shall it be. But the meaning of this is that if any add their own interpretations to My Word seeking for to say what it does not is adding to it and any one taking any part of My Word out of context and using it for their own ends is taking away from it. But Most surely I said Judgment begins at My House wherein My Name is declared to dwell and be honoured and worship but I also say this not only the House to My Holy Name and upon the Nation that bears My Holy Name but I declare all of the Houses the World over wherein My Holy Name is professed to dwell be honoured and worship if they be not true they shall be Judged according to My Holy Word and Law and if found wanting and guilty of breaking My Holy Law and commandments they shall be cast down and destroyed and all of those who are a part of them they shall not stand they shall not defile My Holy Name any longer.
This is the Word of the Lord God to thee
from the prophet of the Lord.

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