Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus have I said and do say again unto thee that the result of thine election shall not be as thy polls project nor as thou desirest it to be for in this land and Nation at this time there is to come in as far as those who are to be appointed to govern this nation in as far as the parties thereof as afore said a shock is coming and well it is that one hath said that nothing in these elections should be taken for granted for it shall be that as one riseth another shall fall even in the nation to the North of this land haughty eyes a proud look and over confidence shall be the down fall of many in the chief party in that land. But in as far as the party that is now the main party vying for re-election is concerned the casting off of being overconfident and sure of thy self should be a priority for it is that instead of increasing thy majority as thou art confident of doing so could very well not materialise for as it is in the North so shall it be in the whole of the country for many are there that are now MP’s who shall be not so once these elections are over, they shall lose their seats because they shall be considered by the electorate unworthy to retain them because of their past performance as MP’s in not standing up for the needs of their constituents and others in their communities as they should have done especially those who have be struck down with illness and poverty and homelessness and those of the elderly in their constituencies whose care has diminished to such a degree as it does not meet the need of their care even to the extent of almost being nonexistent even in as far as the most basic care is concerned. But such an one whose is a government MP had better be considering hunting for another position outside of government for it will take a lot of convincing his own constituents for him retain his seat in his own constituency who are not in the least please with him as their MP and are considering other candidates even of other parties to elect as their MP. This election is set for the rise and fall of many MP’s in the whole of the UK as afore said and will be a shock to many in all of the parties especially in as far as the leaders of every political party is concerned hard work humility and a true declaration of all political parties intent in as far as keeping to manifesto pledges has to be the order of the day for the trust of the public in as far as politicians and political parties is concerned has been and is diminishing on a daily basis.
This is the Word of the Lord God to thee
from the prophet of the Lord

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