Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I in as far as the coming Elections in as far as its relationship to Brexit is concerned that no matter which party is elected to govern this Nations there will have to be Unity of the whole of the political parties therein elected or Brexit will drag on for years to come. The only way for it not to drag on for years is political Unity and Unity of purpose must come about in all the parties, disunity and political infighting in as far as it has existed in the past must be brought to an end especial in the present governmental party hoping to be re-elected to govern this land and especial in as far as the present leader of that party who was warned in the past that, that persons attitude towards others would in the future be their undoing. Why you may ask has the attitude of both the leader and the attitude of the whole party has to change it is because on the surface it is seemingly united yet in fact there are inherent divisions that have existed since the past female leader held the office of Prime Minister whose arrogant attitude was her undoing and lead her having to resign, which seems to be a fault with all the leaders of that party, humility patience and willingness to compromise politically and the discarding of an intransigent hard line political standing would indeed go a long way into Uniting all of the political parties in as far as the coming Brexit negotiations are concerned political infighting between the parties in government solves nothing and creates disunity which hinders the solving of the problems of any Nation and leads in the end to destruction as hath been seem in many Nations at the present time. Political parties are in government for to govern their country for their people and not for themselves and in being elected are trusted by their electorate to do so to the best of their abilities. For good government brings its own rewards but bad government breeds disaster disunity and rebellion. The governments of the EU are united in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned and thus it is that the parties of the UK must be totally united and determined in their commitment to gain the very best deal for the whole of the UK. Thus it is at this time and in this Nation I shall be overseeing whomsoever is elected to govern and if such an one fails in their duty to their people and the keeping of their promises such shall be the wrath and anger and destruction forth coming that they shall know what it is to fall into the hands the Living God.
This uis the Word of the Lord to thee.
from the prophet of the Lord.

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