Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus now it is that I said I shall bring down upon thee a drought as promised causing poverty and not prosperity to be thy lot even to the extent of causing thy circumstances in all of Europe to be far worse than the great depression but not only in Europe but now it shall descend upon the whole of the civilized Nations of the Earth which do walk contrary to My Holy Law and Commandments and it shall continue until all shall turn and repent of their wicked and immoral and rebellious and unbelieving ways and the neglecting of the needy of the Earth even the young in war torn poverty stricken Nations and the elderly and the homeless and the orphan the sick and the disabled and the destitute people of all the Nations off the Earth. But I did not say this drought and this famine that shall descend upon thee shall be a drought caused by lack of rain and the drying up of lakes and reservoirs and rivers as that which hath happened in the African and other Nations but it is a drought of that upon which the whole of civilization relies upon for its prosperity and its transport of land sea and air! Thus say I what would happen as I warned thee afore time if that which thou doth call black gold even oil which thou doth take from wells of the Earth should start now to dry up what would happen to the so called civilized world thou doth live which they would do eventually as they are not bottomless wells and are limited as other resources have been in the past and are so now. Thy scientist and geologists have predicted that there is enough oil in the Earth to last for decades or even longer and so it would have been if this civilization had not sunk into the pit of wickedness and idolatry and immorality and unbelief and disobedience to all of My Holy Law and Commandments. Thus it is that earthquakes that have been taking place in the seas without causing catastrophic damage to any Nation even in as far as tsunamis or tidal waves are concerned and thou hast thought these of no consequence but they shall increase and still not affect the landmasses of the Earth for a reason these are they that shall cause the oil that is precious to thy civilization under the sea bed to sink beyond thy reach but ye will say that these Earth quakes under the sea bed will not affect the oil wells on land but I say unto thee as underground rivers and streams find their way to the sea so shall the oil wells be drained in the same manner in to the depths of the earth beyond the reach the whole of mankind and all of the civilianised Nations which shall be returned to the days when oil was not the blood that flowed through the veins of civilianised Nations of the Earth. But and if thou doth do turn from all of thy wickedness immorality and the lack of care of those in desperate need and do begin to obey all of My Holy Law and commandments so I shall cause My wrath and anger to cease and I shall restore unto thee thy prosperity tenfold learn the lessons of the past and consider of what I did to Mine own people because of their rebellion and disobedience to My Holy Law and commandments if I so spared them not think I will thee if no repentance is forth coming!

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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