Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel is it now the case with America and its leadership that it is seeking to abdicate its responsibility to the rest of the World especially the Middle East to gain profit from trading with these Nations without given them any profitable trade or help in return in as far as actual physical and material and intelligence help in dealing with terrorism and extremist threats in their own Nations to so called reap the reward without having to pay the piper. Are the American Leadership just that Words of friendship just one sided and for benefit of the American Leadership and so long as it is profitable to them everything is rosy in the garden but once that profitability vanishes no matter the form so does the friendship. One sided friendship is no friendship for friends help each other in more than just Words a true bond of friendship like David’s and Jonathon’s in My Word is a bond that cannot be broken and is a willingness if the other is in need of help no matter the circumstance is to be there at their friends side in fair or fine weather in conflict or peace in poverty or in wealth friends never dissert each other no matter what. By their actions or I should say by their fruits shall ye know them do you get figs from thistles or grapes from thorn bushes neither do you get truth from a deceiver or good deeds from a wicked person. But lo say I this in its abdicating of its responsibility to the rest of the world’s Nations which the American Leadership proclaimed in effect that was the path it wished to tread and is revealed in the intentions of that Leadership to get trade deals for America and American jobs without reciprocation before and after the American elections which it now seems to be treading. Trade has to work two ways or it doesn’t work at all giving and taking export and import if a Nations has all the materials for manufacturing products for export and refuses to import on an equal basis then sooner or later the Nations they are trading with will seek to by their imports elsewhere. The far Eastern Nations have begun to refuse to import from those Nations which refuse to import their products from them. The American Leaderships words reveal its true nature one minute it has a special relationship with a Nation the next that relationship is pushed from the fore front to the back of the queue as so to speak and is a special relationship in word only having little or no meaning. But like the boy in thy myths who cried wolf to many times so shall this happen to the American leadership it will cry special relationship to many times and give to many empty promises to many Nations that sooner or later the rest of the Nations of the World will take little or no notice of anything it says or promises and the American Nation will become more and more Isolated and will find itself in the same position as say Russia but without the sanctions. No Nation in the end will trust it or want its friendship or its trade and will not trade with it. The result isolation and poverty.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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