Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee even though thou shalt indeed defeat IS in Syria and Iraq. Soon as is being seen in the usage of radicalized Libyan Nationals their centre of operations has and is been move to the Yemen Libya and other North African countries and are linking up with other terror groups in that region that are affiliated to Islamic State which means in effect that this terrorists organization hath not be defeated as a whole just moved on and into another region and country of which from their bases they will be able to continue their terrorist attacks on western Nations and because of the present instability in the North African Nations unless the Western Powers especial N.A.T.O. redouble their efforts to stabilised that region especially Libya then what happened in Syria and Iraq when IS almost took over both of these Nations in their efforts to create an Islamic caliphate will indeed be repeated there that region is in the same state as was Iraq and Syria when IS came into being and at first was completely ignore by the Nations in that region and the west until it became a threat to other Nations in the region and the stability of the whole of the Middle East. It is only because the whole of the Middle Eastern region was stabilised with the aid of the west and the Kurds and the establishment of a strong Iraqi government rebuilding its army with proper training and weaponry supplied by western Nations that IS’s advance was halted then came the kidnaping the beheading and when that had no effect the terrorist attacks began, with the aim of driving the west out of the middle east through the fear of getting involved in another Middle Eastern war which also didn’t work. But the tide started to turn against IS in Iraq and on the road to defeat and in Syria through the constant attacks by coalition forces thus the beginning of the end for IS had begun and of which is now coming to an end in that region. But what was the main cause of its rise in the first place in Syria it was because of the rebellion by Syrian rebel forces against a tyrannical dictator and employment of other terrorist groups by the Syrian regime to defeat the rebels that the country became a breeding ground for radical extremism which flourished and because of a weak government and army it spread into Iraq almost conquering that country because of weakness instability and disunity in the government the army and the Nation as a whole. But not until it began to present a threat to the peace and stability of the Middle East and Its Nations especially the oil fields did the West intervene in the region. Thus say I refuse to get involved in the defence against terrorism and the stabilization and unifying of the North African Nations and thou shalt suffer the consequences just remember there is but a short Mediterranean gap between North Africa and the tip of Spain once used by the Moors to invade Spain and which could have spread throughout rest of Europe if they had not halted their advance.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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