Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel in as far as placing the blame for the complacency and inaction on the present western Leaders is and is not to a certain extent justified and at the present time for those who are guilty to carry the burden of their guilt along with those in the past who indeed have been the cause of the unwillingness to actually take the necessary military action in Iraq and Syria for that unwillingness to get involved in another Middle Eastern war was caused by the west’s involvement in the two Gulf wars and the mistakes then made which were two, in first instance the part where the west put an end to Saddam Husseins invasion of Kuwait was totally correct it was what followed in dealing with that leader of Iraq after wards was one, not following up the ejection of Saddam Hussein and his army from Kuwait by not listening to and the sacking of an America General who wanted to deal with that Leader of Iraq there and then. Which then because of the actions of Saddam Hussein in as far as his attacks on Israel and the chemical attack on his own people by one of his Generals nick named Chemical Ali by the Kurds resulted in the second Gulf war. Whether or not the search for weapons of mass destruction failed or not was not the mistake the west made it was two, the mess they left that country in without a firm strong leadership and armed forces quite literally that country fell apart at the seams and various militant groups took over. The weak willed support of certain western Nations in seeking to stabilise that country contributed to the state Iraq was in when the so called Islamic State invaded Iraq from Syria such was the state of Iraq’s army that it was instantly defeated and many fled. But before the invasion of IS the west was mistakenly under the impression that Iraq was in a position to adequately defend itself so at first the reluctance of the west to get involved was understandable but not so once it was evident that it was in such a weak state that if nothing was done to halt IS the whole country would have fallen. But still the west reluctance to get involved was evident by the blatant actions of that terrorist group throughout the parts of Iraq it had conquered and was by its actions saying that the west was all talk and no action, which was proven true when the western Nations refused to get involved fully in the military sense of putting boots on the ground. Although it did begin to use air power against IS. But it was the Kurdish forces that really started to turn the tide against Islamic state without the aid of the west when IS sought to invade their territory and homeland. Military forces should have once it looked as though IS was going to conquer the whole of Iraq been deployed to drive them out of Iraq and then used in bringing an end to that Terrorist organization in Syria. Thus I say if that had happened many who have died as a result of the rise of that terrorist group would now be alive and if it had been one western female leader in charge then she would not have hesitated to do what was necessary as she did in the Falkland’s with the Argentineans and that is the sort of Leader Man or Woman that this country is now in need of a Cromwell a Churchill or Thatcher. But when all is said and done it must be said this would not have sorted the terrorist threat World over out but it would have discourage many from attacking the UK and the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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